How do I get started? What’s the first step?
Your first step to contact us and set up a time to meet with Buffie. Be sure to answer the dating questionnaire on the Get Started page. This questionnaire helps Buffie learn more about you and what you’re looking for when it comes to dating.

How does it work?
Charleston Wine Pairings is a local, sophisticated dating agency that offers a personalized approach for those who are ready for a serious relationship. Buffie has devoted her career to her passion in life: matchmaking. After realizing that she could bring her passion to fruition, she researched, studied and created a business unlike any other in its category. Charleston Wine Pairings focuses on getting to know their clients and creating a warm, intimate environment in which small groups of people come together, drink wine and interact face-to-face. Visit our What We Do page here…

What is the cost of Matchmaking services?
Our matchmaking service is customized to each individual, with packages beginning at $1000 and more. This is an investment in your future and a way for you to not waste your precious, professional time. We understand that there’s only so many hours in a day, and if you are a hard-working professional, it sometimes doesn’t leave much time to connect with others. There are many matchmaking apps and websites that can connect you, however, if most of those dates you’ve had go nowhere, it’s where Charleston Wine Pairings comes in.

Where do you find potential matches for me to meet?
With an established brand and success stories, Buffie has her finger on the pulse of the Lowcountry – especially when it comes to dating. After getting to know you during your consultation, she will input all the details and walk you through introductions. She will be your right-hand woman when it comes to your dates before and after.

Are your introductions just for the purpose of marriage?
No. Putting yourself out there in search of love can be a daunting and sometimes hopeless experience, but Charleston Wine Pairings has perfected the art of matchmaking. After all, it is never too late to fall in love. But if companionship is more what you’re looking for at this time, be honest with Buffie so she can connect you appropriately.

Do you provide date coaching or any special services?
Say for instance, you want to go on a date yet you’re not great at putting together the perfect outfit or you have not heard of the location where your date or event will be held, Buffie can lead you in the right direction. She works with local vendors for everything from styling services, head shots, public speaking, specific coaching and more. And when you can’t find the location for the date, she’s a phone call away to help.

Why should I choose Charleston Wine Pairings? If you find yourself looking here, it may be a sign you are ready for a new approach to dating. Get started with us today!